This is our mobile banking application; it is free and can be installed on any mobile phones with iOS or Android operating system. 

m-conect offers direct, fast and mobile access to your accounts and allows you to perform banking operations and transactions anytime and anywhere..

Functionalities and operations

  • Opening payment and savings accounts
  • Signing transactions using Mpin and Mpush
  • Access to accounts opened on multiple clients with the same user (eg. family member, Kids Account)
  • Email and virtual inbox user notifications on the status of operations performed

Download the m-conect app from App Store or Google Play!



Our internet banking service offers unlimited access to your funds, savings and accounts.

The new version brings extra flexibility through the option of interface and accounts customization, increased mobility through the greater number of services and products available online, and a high degree of security using the mobile token.

Functionalities and operations

  • Opening payment and savings accounts
  • Negotiation of interest rates for deposits over EUR 10,000 or equivalent
  • Application to various types of loans (personal needs, mortgage, overdraft)
  • Signing transactions using Mpin and Mpush
  • Ability to choose and arrange widgets for Control Panel: Campaigns, Quick Actions, Exchange Rates, Latest Transactions, Useful Tips, Transfers
  • m-conect can be used from any phone with iOS or Android operating system;
  • it can be used as an independent service, not subject to use of i-conect;
  • The PIN code for service activation was automatically sent to your inbox, in the current i-conect platform.
  • it can only be activated via the new mobile banking app, m-conect;
  • we introduced the connection through m-conect application as to eliminate the need of the token device and, at the same time, to provide a higher level of security.

Secure online banking

To authorize operations, we introduced the mobile token, an application that has the same role as the physical device, respectively to generate single-use codes.

A more complex solution, the mobile token brings increased security, it can be used directly from your mobile phone and allows you to:

  • Log on in the application;
  • Sign transactions involving money (payments, foreign exchange, deposits, etc.);
  • Authorize / Sign operations or any changes that don’t involve money, but require authorization / signing (account openings, profile change, card locking / unlocking, card attachment / detachment, etc.).

Signing transactions in i-conect is possible only by using the m-conect app.

To authorize transactions, a notification from the web browser will be sent. It will require the authentication code, which is the PIN of the m-conect app.

You can choose to set an m-PIN in your browser if you don’t want to use m-PUSH, but it will only be valid for operations made in a single session.

Do you need support in using
the new i-conect and m-conect applications?

You can call us, M-F, from 9:00 to 17:00, at number 021 30 40 300, or you can write us, whenever you want, on email