The m-conect service allows you secure, easy and fast access to your accounts from any smart phone with internet access and operating system Android or iOS.

Any customer who has internet banking service can download and activate the m-conect application just in few minutes.

Connecting and making transactions through the application does not require a token.

Through m-conect you can perform the following banking operations:

  • View of the accounts and deposits
  • Payments in RON and foreign currencies (to the beneficiaries predefined in the internet banking application)
  • Foreign exchanges

Other available information:

  • Exchange rates
  • Geo-location of the branches and ATMs
  • Contact details
  • Different language options: Romanian, English and French

The m-conect service is free.
0 (zero) issuing fee
0 (zero) administration fee

The fees and commissions for the transactions made through the m-conect service are identical with those made through the internet banking service.

If you already have internet banking service:

  • Access the “mobile banking” menu and follow the instructions in order to activate the m-conect application
  • Download the application from


  • Connect to the m-conect application

If you don’t have internet banking service, you can request the mobile banking service at the nearest Credit Agricole branch.

The application can be accessed only from the device where it was initially installed. In case of phone lost/ change, you have to ask for a new activation code.