Prefinancing APIA Subsidies

…the solution that covers the short of capital for the current activity, until the subsidies are paid.


  • For whom? Farmers clients from the field crops area, that fulfill the eligibility criteria established by the Bank, in order to access a credit facility.
  • For what? Financing the expenses from the current activity (ex: seeds, acquisition, irrigation etc.).
  • Currency: LEI
  • Maximum amount: 80% from the APIA SAPS certificate amounts.
  • Credit period: until the subsidies are paid for the 2017 campaign, but not later than June of the following year
  • Continuity in the current activity;
  • Streamlining payments;
  • Covering the temporary lack of liquidity;
  • Consultancy offered by the Credit Agricole employees on the best solution to finance and guarantee the farm;
  • Mix of flexible guarantees: pledge on current account,  personal guarantee, pledge on the amounts to be received from APIA certificate

The necessary documents for accessing the Pre Financing APIA subsidies loan:

  • Credit form request, signed by the persons authorized to legally represent the company
  • The written statement of the legal representative under the power of a notary, declaring that obligation of the company to not change the current account of the bank, Credit Agricole stipulated in the certificate
  • Documents to certify the company’s economic and financial situation for the last two years and the last financial situation, closed and handed in at the Financial Administration (balance sheet, profit and loss, trial balance)
  • Company’s business plan in which to underline the company’s short-term strategy as well as monthly operational income and expenses
  • Consultation agreement for the Central Credit Register
  • Tax certificate
  • Decision of the competent authority on contracting and guaranteeing of the credit
  • Any other documents required by the bank