• Money Transfer
  • between your accounts;
  • to accounts in other banks;
  • utility bills.
  • Scheduled payments – you can schedule transfers at a future date;
  • View, change or cancel a scheduled payment;
  • View a list of recent transfers;
  • Telekom Romania bill payment without commission;
  • Make deposits;
  • Foreign exchange;
  • View statements without the need to print them so you are getting involved in environmental protection;
  • Makes your life easier – not more crowded fumbles through documents or files from home. With online statements have easy access to transaction history.


  • You can manage your money when you ever you want, as you want, in terms of safety and security;
  • You have processing fees lower than those at the counter;
  • Access is easily to be obtained;
  • You save time – you do not go to the bank for operations and no longer sit in endless lines;
  • You keep control of costs and available funds 24 / 7;
  • You can transfer money anywhere, anytime;
  • It helps you stay organized – you can download for free reports for different operations performed;
  • We’re here to help you – whenever you need help, we can write messages directly from I-CONECT or you can always consult the User Manual.


Technical Support 
Tel : 021 30 40 300
Email: conect@credit-agricole.ro 
Monday to Friday between 9:00 and 17:00

  • Find out information about your accounts and the bank offer;
  •   Make payments orders in Lei or foreign currency to your own accounts or to other account holders;
  • Create deposits or saving accounts;
  • Request debit cards or account statements;
  •   Make foreign exchange;
  •   Modify the redraw limits for your cards;
  •   Request simulations for the loan products.