• You can manage your money when it suits you, as it suits you, in safe and secure conditions;
  • You have lower processing fees than over the counter;
  • Access is easy to get;
  • You save time – you no longer go to the bank to perform operations and you don’t have to wait in endless queues;
  • Keep control of available expenses and finances 24/7;
  • Transfer money anywhere, anytime 24/7;
  • It helps you stay organized – you can download various reports with your operations for free;
  • We are here to help you – whenever you need help, you can write us messages directly from i-conect or you can always consult the User Guide.

Our internet banking application gives you unlimited access to your money, savings and accounts.

The new version adds flexibility through the option to customize the interface and the accounts, increased mobility through the greater number of services and products available online and a higher degree of security by introducing the mobile token.

I-connect features and operations:

Accounts and products

      • Access to accounts opened on multiple clients with the same user (eg family member, accounts
      • Kids Account)
      • View accounts (current accounts, savings accounts, cards, deposits, loans)
      • Open a payment account
      • Opening a savings account
      • Establishing deposits
      • Negotiation of the interest rate for deposits of more than EUR 10,000 or equivalent
      • Direct Bank activation
      • Application to various types of loans (personal needs, mortgage, overdraft)


      • Card blocking in case of loss / theft / damage / fraud
      • Re-issue the card
      • Enable / disable internet payments option
      • View accounts attached to the card
      • Map of Crédit Agricole branches and ATMs in the Euronet network (Romania)
      • Attaching / Detaching accounts to the card


      • Signing transactions entered with Mpin and Mpush
      • Transfer between own accounts
      • Payments in lei include interbank
      • Utility payments available (individuals only)
      • Payments in foreign currency
      • Recurring payments in lei and foreign currency
      • Payment templates
      • Upload payments file (legal entities)
      • Beneficiaries
      • View account statements and transaction reports
      • Customizable reports (transaction filtering, various view types)

Foreign Exchange 

      • Foreign exchange
      • Display of exchange rates
      • Negotiation of the exchange rate for amounts over 10,000 EUR
      • Foreign exchange history

Profile and customization

      • Ability to choose and arrange widgets in Control Panel: campaigns, quick actions, foreign exchange rates, latest transactions, useful tips, transfers
      • Change of personal data: correspondence address, telephone, email
      • Notifications sent to the user by email and in the virtual inbox regarding the status of the operations performed
      • Sending / receiving messages to / from the Bank
      • Personalization of accounts and cards (name, image)
      • User information: my profile, user information, notifications, mobile device management
      • Geolocalization of your transactions


    • Demo
    • Frequent questions
    • Bank contact details


Technical Support 
Tel : 021 30 40 300
Email: conect@credit-agricole.ro 
Monday to Friday between 9:00 and 17:00

i-conect, Crédit Agricole’s Internet Banking application, can be accessed from anywhere in the world, from any computer that is connected to the internet and that meets the minimum necessary conditions for accessing the i-conect application.

Securing communication between the customer and the bank is mainly based on bidirectional authentication through digital certificates, thus obtaining the highest level of security of information transmission practiced on the Internet.

The i-connect security system is developed in accordance with international standards regarding the security of internet transactions.

Very important when connecting to the i-connect application (Internet Banking):

  1. Use the web address of the bank https: //www.credit-agricole.ro  to find the link to the i-conect service or enter directly from the keyboard the URL address: https://ib.credit-agricole.ro to connect ;
  2. Always check the digital certificate on the server you are connecting to (on the page opened by accessing https://ib.credit-agricole.ro on the padlock on the top right). In addition, always check that you are on a secure connection, which is https;
  3. You must not disclose your PIN or user access to Crédit Agricole applications to anyone; IF YOU ARE CONTACTED BY EMAIL OR PHONE BY SOMEONE ASKING YOU FOR THIS INFORMATION, IT IS DEFINITELY A FRAUD ATTEMPT!
  4. DO NOT frequently use computers in public places such as the Internet Café to log in, as they are not secure enough;
  5. Check your accounts regularly;
  6. Contact Crédit Agricole’s support service as soon as you notice dubious transactions (at the telephone number +4 021 30 40 300 or at the e-mail address: conect@credit-agricole.ro).