Bridge loan

…the support given to the projects financed with European funds.

  • For whom? The SME clients who fulfill the eligibility criteria to access a credit facility, established by the bank. Companies that access/have ongoing projects financed with European funds.
  • For what? It allows the company to start the project, before taking the grant from the contracting authority.
  • Currency: LEI or EUR (for the companies that have operational incomes in foreign currency).
  • Maximum amount: 1 mil. EUR, equivalent in LEI.
  • Credit period: maximum 36 months.
  • Reimbursement: the capital is reimbursed when the grant is cashed.
  • Continuity for the company’s development activity;
  • Reimbursements are correlated with the project’s stage;
  • Consultancy offered by the Credit Agricole Bank Romania employees on the best solution to finance and guarantee for the company;
  • Mix of flexible guarantees: guarantees on the immovable/ movable properties, grant assignment from the contracting authority, personal guarantees (financial guarantee, letter of guarantee, endorsed promissory notes, etc.), guarantees offered by the guarantee funds (FNGCIMM, FGCR) and EximBank, others.
The necessary documents for accessing the credit line are:

  • Credit form request, signed by the persons authorized to legally represent the company;
  • Documents to certify the company’s economic and financial situation for the last two years and the last financial situation, closed and handed in at the Financial Administration (balance sheet, profit, and loss, trial balance);
  • Proof of the project being approved by the contracting authority;
  • Company’s income and expense budget for the period of time in which the credit is required (cash flow);
  • Property documents for the goods proposed as guarantees;
  • Consultation agreement for the Central Credit Register;
  • Tax certificate;
  • Decision of the competent authority on contracting and guaranteeing of the credit;

Any other documents required by the bank