Direct Bank

With Credit Agricole Direct Bank Service you can perform various banking operations through the phone, always safe and secure, no matter where you are:

  • Find out information about your accounts and the bank offer;
  • Make payments orders in Lei or foreign currency to your own accounts or to other account holders;
  • Create deposits or saving accounts;
  • Request debit cards or account statements
  • Make foreign exchange;
  • Modify the redraw limits for your cards;
  • Request simulations for the loan products.


    • time saving: you don’t have to come to the bank to perform your daily banking operations;
    • confort and safety transactions, through the phone, no matter where you are;
    • confident in performing the transactions, because you have the support of your personal adviser;
    • permanent control on your accounts, with update informations about your transactions;
    • disponibility: the working hours are from Monay to Friday, between 9.00 and 17.00;
    • minimum costs: no extra fees or commissions.

    At Credit Agricole Direct Bank Service you will benefit from a dedicated English and French speaking Personal Advisor, who will help you manage your operations.

  • • free, included in the Premium Package, for the first 3 months (after this period, the service cost becomes 5 Lei/ month);
    • free, included in the Privilège Expat Package

In order to Activate the Service you have to:

bn_1Fill in the necessary documents (request and contract), which you can find at the nearest Credit Agricole branch


Receive the CLIENT CODE and PIN CODE from our colleagues in the branch.
CLIENT CODE: number of 9 digits
PIN CODE: numbers of 4 digits

bn_3Conect to Credit Agricole Direct Bank Service, following the next authentication process:

a) Call 021 30 40 300;

b) Select the language;

c) Press 2 for Credit Agricole Direct Bank Service;

d) Change your PIN CODE with a new one (only when requested);

e) Access the Credit Agricole Direct Bank Service and perform banking operations, after you will be transferred to your Personal Advisor.

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