Deposit with monthly interest Payment

A product that offers you a lot of flexibility, permanent access to saved money, and a very advantageous interest for your savings.

  • Terms: 24 months;
  • Minimum set-up amount: 500 RON, EUR or USD;
  • Option for automatic extension over the same period, with the interest rate existing at the renewal date (interest can not be capitalized);
  • In the case of liquidation prior to maturity, no interest will be calculated from the date of the last interest payment in the current account until the liquidation date, the other interest already paid being paid;
  • If the maturity of the deposit is a non-banking day, the extension / liquidation of the deposit or interest payment will be made on the same day.



  • Interest paid monthly in current account;
  • The withdrawal fee does not apply to interest amounts in the dates of its transfer to the current account;
  • The withdrawal fee does not apply to the deposit amount on maturity date.


Required documents:

  • ID;
  • Establishment Contract “Term Deposit”, which you can fill in the branch.