SMS Conect

SMS Conect is the SMS alert service on your mobile phone for the transactions made with the cards issued by Credit Agricole Bank Romania.

Through this service, you will be notified in real time whenever you make a transaction at a merchant or ATM cash withdrawals, with values higher than 150 RON and for transactions made on the Internet, you will receive SMS alerts regardless of the transaction amount.

SMS Conect is primarily a safety measure with which you will monitor the transactions made with your card or supplementary cards attached to your account, in order to have control over transactions.
You will be notified via SMS on your mobile phone whenever you make a transaction.
You will receive notifications if you make transactions:

  •  ≥ 150 RON to retailers (POS);
  •  ≥ 150 RON teller machine (ATM);
  • on the Internet, regardless of the amount.

5  RON/ month/ card regardless of the number of SMS received.
In the PREMIUM package, this service is free.

We are waiting for you in the nearest Credit Agricole Bank Romania branch, where our consultants will assist you in applying for the SMS Conect service.