Debit Card – MasterCard Standard

Convenience, control, and acceptance extended

MasterCard Standard Debit Card with CIP provides all the convenience and security by combining worldwide acceptance and benefits offered by MasterCard. This card provides funds directly from the current account to make sure you have complete control of your finances.

The card is accepted at over 29 million retail locations worldwide, the Internet and 1.4 million ATMs.


Each card is protected by CHIP & PIN technology for merchant transactions and for Internet transactions it can be activated only at your request.

MasterCard Debit Card can be used for cash withdrawals and balance inquiries at ATMs. The multicurrency facility allows you to attach the MasterCard Standard debit card at multiple accounts in different currencies (RON, EUR or/and USD) and the settlement of the transaction is done directly in the currency in which you have purchased or withdraw money.

We are waiting for you in the nearest Credit Agricole branch where our consultants will assist you in applying for the MASTERCARD STANDARD debit card.

Information and recommendations for security card transactions Reporting of theft, loss of card or any suspicion of copying data from your card, must be announced in the shortest time at telephone number + (4021) 222 33 36, available 24/24 hours.

The card can be used for Internet transactions. For safety, this service is blocked and it can be activated only at your request. It is recommended that the activation request for Internet transactions to be made on determined term and amount.

When performing transactions on the Internet the PIN is not required!

Before entering your card details to carry out an online transaction make sure you use a secure connection marked by “https” (eg
The PIN number can be changed at any Credit Agricole ATM with one desired by you.