3D Secure Activation

3D Secure is an anti-fraud system developed by MasterCard, which makes it possible to increase the security of transactions carried out over the Internet. Each payment made via the internet will ask for a password which you will receive by SMS in the form of a unique code.
In order to carry out transactions in the 3D Secure system, the trader where the transaction is carried out must be enrolled in the 3D Secure system.
In order to make payments through the internet, it is necessary to activate the card in advance for such transactions (only if you have not already asked the bank to activate your card for transactions through the Internet).

  • 1. Safe – in case of loss or theft, the card enrolled in 3D Secure cannot be used by third parties for online shopping;

    2. Simple – the authentication process does not require any special applications installed on the computer where the transaction is initiated

The 3D Secure service is free!

This service is activated automatically when the card is issued.

We’ve simplified the way you use your Credit Agricole card for online payments. So, it is no longer necessary to memorize a password for the transactions you perform at the merchants who have adopted 3D Secure service. For these you will receive via SMS a unique transaction validation code, thus increasing the security level.

If you have already set a password for transactions on the Internet, it will be replaced by the unique code transmitted by SMS every time you make a transaction on a secure 3D Secure site. To receive the unique code all you have to do is make sure you have a valid mobile phone number declared at Credit Agricole.

 If you need further information on 3D Secure service, please visit our processor website www.paynet.ro or you can call our customer support at +40 21 30 40 300 (between 09.00-17.00, normal rate call) or at the emergency number +40 21 222 33 36 (toll-hour).