Credit Agricole Group customers may conclude policy insurances related to banking products, directly at the bank premises.

With the insurance services offered, Credit Agricole Group helps you to put into practice your projects, but at the same time, to protect your family. The insurances related to banking products represent the base for your financial safety in unexpected moments of life caused by the inability to work, the loss of income, hospitalization, surgery, critical illness and death.

These products cover the cost of credit rates for the above issues; yours and your family livelihood becomes more secure and carefree.

We thought even at your house – the place that defines and relaxes you, where you feel safe together with your beloved ones. We know how important your home is for you, therefore we can help you to choose the best option to ensure it.

It is so easy to obtain all type of insurances that you need for a credit product. Just enter in one of our branches and a bank consultant will help you to choose the best decision regarding your family’s future.

In order to integrate the insurances services in our general offer of products,  Credit Agricole Group Romania S.A. obtained the endorsement from The Insurance Supervisory Commission.

Therefore, Bank’s employees are authorized to subscribe property insurances or life insurances.

Registered to the Insurance Supervisory Commission with the unique registration code RAJ 182388, in the Register of Insurance Brokers.

Employees who are authorized to subscribe property insurance or life insurance