Mortgage loan

Buying a property (a house, a flat, an urban land) is a new stage in your life. Thus, taking into account your needs, we developed a product intended to grant you the help you need. Apply for a mortgage loan and discover how easy it is to fulfill your dream.


Loan amount: up to 1.000.000 Euro, equivalent in Lei;

Tenor: up to 30 years, 360 monthly installments;

Funding: up to 85% of the acquired property value;

Down payment: from 15%;

Methods of loan repayment: equal monthly installments or decreasing values, depending on your choice;

Co-borrowers: up to two co-borrowers, which may be spouse, children, parents, inmates, siblings, cousins, uncles / aunts, partners (with the same home address), relatives up to grade IV;


  • First rank mortgage to the bank on real estate collateral with which the loan is guaranteed (real estate purchased through credit, owned by the owner / co-debtor / guarantor);
  • Pledge on accounts / sub-accounts opened by the Borrower at the Bank;
  • Pledge on incomes;
  • Home insurance assigned to the Bank– it is necessary to complete compulsory housing insurance (PAD) as well as an optional insurance of the property that is the guarantee of the credit;
  • Life insurance assigned to the bank – it is necessary to complete a life and invalidity insurance valid for the whole period of the loan;

• easy to obtain without income certificate or pension coupon if your income is in the ANAF database
• no utility bills;
• no supporting documents for credit use.

• Preferential interest if you earn your credit card receipts;
• no credit management fee.

• wide range of earnings accepted;
• you can apply for credit with two people;
• You can change the monthly rate for the convenience of payment.

• For your safety and your family, in unforeseen circumstances you are protected by insurance covering the risk of temporary incapacity to work and the risk of death

Transparent and comfortable
• You can easily manage your credit via Internet Banking (i-conect) and Mobile Banking (m-conect) or by simply calling 021 30 40 300;

Can i refinance other loan?
• Yes, if you already have a mortgage loan with another financial institution, you can refinance it through Crédit Agricole mortgage loan and you can get a lower monthly rate.

Interest is variable, being composed of the reference index plus the bank’s fixed margin.

IRCC” = benchmark for RON denominated loans with variable interest, calculated at the end of each quarter, as the simple arithmetic average of the daily interest rates on interbank money market transactions, determined for the previous quarter. The value of the index is calculated by the NBR and published on its website.

IRCC = 1.86%

Currency Reference index Fixed margin of the bank
Salary cashing at CABR Standard conditions
Lei IRCC 2,9% 3,4%

Bank’s commissions:

  • Analysis fee: 450 Lei;
  • Monthly life insurance premium: 0.021% applicable to loan outstanding, for customers choosing the offer of the insurer proposed by the Bank;.
  • Monthly current account management fee: 4 RON;

Calculation examples:

For a mortgage loan of 272,000 lei for 30 years and 360 monthly installments, the variable interest rate is 4.76% per annum (IRCC + 2.9% fixed bank margin) calculated in April 2022, the monthly rate the insurance premium of 0.021% applicable to the credit balance, and the APR is 5.17% per year. The value of the monthly rate is decreasing from 1,476.52 lei, the analysis fee is 450 lei and the total payable amount is 523,645.82 lei.

The loan will be guaranteed by a mortgage on a property.

The offer is available for customers who choose to cash in incomes in their card from Credit Agricole Bank Romania SA and the insurance offer proposed by the Bank.

Taxes and fees charged by third parties:

  • The cost for evaluation of the guarantee, by an authorized valuer you choose, certified by ANEVAR.
  • Cost of insurance: compulsory property insurance (PAD) and optional insurance of the building/buildings you brought as collateral for credit;
  • Registration fee of the guarantees to the RNPM (fee/modification, re-enrollment, deletion, etc.);
  • Notary fees and fees related to enrollment / re-enrollment / change/cancellation of real estate collateral to/from the Land Registry are set according to the charges levied by public notaries and the Office of Cadastre and Land;

This is a variable interest rate loan, for the whole duration, expressed in terms of a banking reference index (IRCC). The value of the index is published by the relevant regulatory organization (BNR) and can fluctuate. Following these changes on the entire market, the value of your monthly rates will increase or decrease.

If your income is in a currency other than that of the loan, currency exchange rate fluctuations may affect the possibility of payment.

Your income may vary. We recommend that you make sure that you can pay monthly rates, whether your income will decrease.

Mortgage Credit is an excellent choice for individuals who simultaneously satisfy the following conditions:
Age of the applicant: minimum 18 years and maximum 65 years (70 years if you have income from pensions) at the end of the contract;
Citizenship: Romanian or foreign with residence in Romania;
Revenue: the applicant must have at least one source of income and their aggregate value must exceed the minimum income for the economy;

Apply online and fill in the required information, call 021 30 40 300 or you are welcome in one of Crédit Agricole branches, where a  representative will present you with a personalized offer, you will receive free advice and all the support you need with preparing documentation to access the credit.

There are a few steps to getting a loan:
1. Sign the Consultative Agreement with the Credit Bureau and Revenue to the National Agency for Tax Administration (ANAF), a form used instead of your income certificate or coupon and you will receive a personalized offer.
2. Fill out the credit application and present the building documents you want to purchase.
3. A rated valuer you choose will visit you as soon as possible to evaluate the property to be purchased.
4. We will analyze your request and return with an answer as soon as possible;
5. You sign the credit and mortgage contracts, close the insurance policies, open an account where you will receive the money and you will use it to pay the rates and collect the salary.