Overdraft lets you find your peace of mind, every day. Anytime you can be in trouble or you need a reserve fund money to ensure your financial comfort. For you and your family, we recommend overdraft. It is the most simple and quick loan product that helps you not miss any opportunity.


Loan amount: up to 45.000 RON;
Tenor: 1 year (with automatic prolongation possibility up to 5 years);
Methods of loan repayment: on the 25th of each month, will pay the amount composed of accrued interest calculated for daily amounts used in the last month, accompanied by the insurance premium;
Protection: life and disability insurance throughout all loan period;

• no income certificate or pension coupon is needed if your income is in the ANAF database;
• no utility bill required;
• no supporting documents for credit use.

• no commissions;
• interest is calculated only on the amount used;

• easy access to money anytime, but especially when you need it, through the debit card;

Transparent and comfortable
• You can easily manage your credit with a simple phone call with Direct Bank, Internet via i-connect or Smartphones via m-conect service.

• For your safety and your family in unforeseen circumstances, you are protected by insurance covering the risk of loss of temporary incapacity for work and the risk of death.

The interest rate is variable and composed of the reference index (IRCC) plus the fixed margin of the bank.

IRCC” = benchmark for RON denominated loans with variable interest, calculated at the end of each quarter, as the simple arithmetic average of the daily interest rates on interbank money market transactions, determined for the previous quarter. The value of the index is calculated by the NBR and published on its website.

IRCC = 1.86%

Reference index Margin of the bank

The benchmark index is revisable every 3 months.

Bank commissions:

no commissions applicable to the loan

Calculation example:

For an overdraft of 7,305 lei per 1 year, reimbursed in 12 equal monthly installments, the variable interest rate is 10.86% per annum (IRCC + bank fixed margin of 9%) calculated in April 2022, A.P.R. is 11.42% per year. The monthly payable amount is 661.64 lei and the total payable amount is 7,721.50 lei.

The offer submitted is valid for customers who receive income in their account at Credit Agricole Bank Romania SA.

Overdraft is available for individuals who simultaneously satisfy the following conditions:

    • the applicant’s age is between 18 and 65 years of age when the contract is terminated;
    • the applicant has at least one source of income;
    • romanian or foreign citizen with permanent or temporary residence in Romania;

You are welcome in the nearest Credit Agricole branch, you can call 021 30 40 300 or apply online, and a bank advisor will offer you all the informations you need.