Prima casa






The “Prima Casa” (First House) mortgage loans granted by Credit Agricole under governmental program are intended for the purchase of homes by individuals who, at the time of applying for the guaranteed loan, declare under their own responsibility that they do not own exclusive property or with their husband or wife regardless of how and when it was acquired, whether or not they own, or together with their husband or wife, at least one house acquired by any other means than the “First House” program, with a usable area of ​​less than 50 mp.

Maximum amount:

  • 66,500 Euro, equivalent in Lei, for new or consolidated dwellings for which the documents for reception at the end of the works were signed no later than 5 years before the date of requesting the loan;
  • EUR 57,000, equivalent in Lei, for loans granted for completed dwellings which do not qualify for the above-mentioned categories;

Maximum tenor: 30 years/360 monthly installments;
Minimum down-payment: 5% of the purchase price and / or covering the difference between the purchase price resulting from the sale purchase agreement and the financing granted;
Funding: up to 95% of the evaluated property value;
Loan repayment methods: Monthly rates with decreasing or equal amounts, depending on your choice;


  • First rank mortgage on purchased property, assigned in favor of the Bank and in favor of the Romanian State in proportion to the guarantee percentage for the entire period of the loan, as well as the prohibition of alienation for a period of 5 years from the acquisition of the real estate and the strike with other tasks and their notation In the Land Book.
  • Pledge on incomes.
  • Pledge on the accounts / sub-accounts opened by the Borrower at the Bank.
  • Pledge on a collateral deposit amounting to three interest rates constituted by the Borrower to the Bank – over the entire duration of the loan, and if the deposit is diminished, the client has the obligation to reimburse the entire amount.
  • Insurance of the property, assigned proportionally to the percentage of guarantee in favor of the Ministry of Finance, respectively in favor of the Bank.

• without an income certificate or a coupon if your income is in the ANAF database;
• no utility bills;

• financing up to 95% of the value of the dwelling;
• no fees charged by the Bank.

• Wide range of accepted earnings: wages, pensions, copyrights, income earned as an authorized person, etc .;
• you can apply for credit with two people;
• You can change the monthly rate for more convenience.

Transparent and comfortable
• You can easily manage your credit with a simple phone call with Direct Bank, Internet via i-connect or smartphones via m-conect service.



The interest is composed of the reference index plus bank margin. The benchmark index is reviewed every 3 months.

IRCC” = benchmark for RON denominated loans with variable interest, calculated at the end of each quarter, as the simple arithmetic average of the daily interest rates on interbank money market transactions, determined for the previous quarter. The value of the index is calculated by the NBR and published on its website.
IRCC = 2.63%

Reference index Bank’s fixed margin

Commission due to FNGCIMM:
• Annual management fee: 0.45% applicable to the balance of the guarantee provided by the State;

Fees and fees charged by third parties:
• The cost of valuation the property by an authorized ANEVAR valuer, according to the option you have expressed.
• Cost of insurance: compulsory housing insurance (PAD) and optional insurance of the building constituting the credit guarantee;
• Fee for the registration of guarantees at the Electronic Archive of Real Movable Guarantees (enrollment / modification fee, re-enrollment, deletion, etc.)
• Notary fees and fees related to the registration / re-listing / modification / cancellation of the real estate collateral in / from the Land Registry are set according to the tariffs charged by the notaries public and by the Office for Cadastre and Real Estate Advertising;

Calculation examples:
The Annual Effective Interest Rate (DAE) is 5% calculated in July 2019 at a variable interest rate of 4.63% for a loan of 225.000 lei contracted for 30 years and 360 monthly installments of 1,157.5 Lei; total amount to be repaid 425.735 Lei. The calculation example also includes the management fee due to FNGCIMM of 0.45% applicable annually to the balance of the guarantee provided by the State.









The “First House” is available for individuals who simultaneously satisfy the following conditions:

    • The age of applicants is between the ages of 18 and 65 (70 years if you have retirement income) at the end of the contract;
    • The applicant has at least one source of income;
    • Romanian or foreign citizen with permanent or temporary residence in Romania;
    • Persons who do not own or together with their husband or wife any home, regardless of how and when they were acquired, whether they own exclusively or together with their spouse or wife at least one dwelling acquired by any other means than through the “Prima Casa” program, with a usable area of less than 50 sqm.

You are welcome in the nearest Credit Agricole branch, call 021 30 40 300 or apply online, and a bank advisor will offer you all the informations and support that you need.